Ceramic Bathroom Tiles Add Personality Plus

Ceramic bathroom tiles are not only beautiful they are also very practical as well. There are several benefits to using ceramic tiles in your bathroom. Read on to discover why ceramic tiles will be favourable in your bathroom renovation.
Ceramic Tile
Ceramic tiles are made from clay as well as a mixture of other rock or mineral ingredients, depending on the manufacturer's preference. It is then fired in an oven or kiln with extremely high temperatures. This causes the clay to become very hard and durable. The tiles are then glazed and re-fired in the oven and the glazing forms a hard protective barrier over the ceramic, which makes it waterproof and even more durable. This firing process allows for tiles to be made in a seemingly endless variety of colours, patterns, and textures. This design flexibility is what makes ceramic tiles a very popular choice for bathroom finishes and renovations.
Benefits of Ceramic Tile
Ceramic tiles have several notable benefits. Ceramic makes an excellent material choice for bathroom finishes because of its waterproof nature. These tiles repel water so they will never be subject to mold. While the moisture resistant nature of the ceramic tile is important in a bathroom, these tiles are also stain and odor resistant. Ceramic tile is a non-porous material, and therefore it will not stain, or hold odors at all. This leads to the next benefit which is ease of cleaning. Ceramic tiles are extremely easy to clean. All that is needed is a broom, a mop and some water. You can use any cleaning solution you deem acceptable and the ceramic tile will not be damaged. Abrasive cleaners, over time, can etch the finish on your tile and take away the high gloss shine, so although there is no risk of immediate damage, this type of cleaner should be avoided. The ease of cleaning, water resistance, stain and odor repellence allow ceramic tiles to be used in many applications in the bathroom. While flooring is one of the more common uses, tiles are also commonly used as backsplashes, tub and shower walls, and even countertops.
Beauty and Versatility
Ceramic tiles come in a vast array of colours, sizes, shapes, patterns and even design options. Because ceramic tiles are manufactured, the design options are limited only to one's imagination. With this seemingly endless variety to choose from, finding the right tiles to increase the attractiveness of your bathroom will not be difficult. You will find many colour and pattern options to plan a stunning shower or tub wall design. Accentuate your walls with matching or complementary ceramic floor tiles. Why stop there when you can design a stunning countertop to finish off the whole look of your bathroom rejuvenation. Stunning, versatile and practical, ceramic tiles are a leader in bathroom renovation materials. Not only are they gorgeous and easily installed by the do-it-yourself renovator, they are also very budget friendly. The cost of this stunning addition to your home will be instantly realized in the value increase in your property. So for a gorgeous bathroom upgrade that will make you want to spend more time relaxing and appreciating its splendor, choose ceramic bathroom tiles.